We have answers, see below for some common questions and answers.

First Steps

I've purchased a NexID wristband, now what?

At the link below you can find the getting started page. If you need help setting up the NexHUB app we've prepared this video which should help you.


What is that on the wristband?

That's called a QR code. A QR code works like a bar code, but it is universally accepted as the superior option. It's widely accepted by modern smartphone makers and software companies. When scanned, it will redirect to a website that displays the information you input into the NexHUB app. This means you can edit the information at any time, and you don't need a new ID.

Why QR codes?

  • Any modern smartphone can scan a QR code. iPhones and some Android phones have it built within the camera. Android users have to use Google Lens; this can be pulled up by holding the home button for a few seconds and clicking on the left most icon of the 3 that appear at the bottom. iPhones scan automatically by using the camera app.
  • Even if part of the QR code is missing, it can often be scanned as usual.
  • QR codes are very popular with the software development community, so it is widely used by many modern technologies and is well supported.
  • Many EMS personnel are already familiar with QR codes and how to scan them.

Why do I need to download an app?

We require you to download and use our app at least once because we want you to have 100% control over your information. This means we won't be involved in the entering of your information, this is incovenient for you but it allows greater security for your data.

How will my information be protected?

See here.

What technologies did we use to create our software?

See here.


I don't like the product can I request a refund?

Of course, we have a 30 day no-questions asked return policy. Contact us by email as soon as possible. To expediete the process we recommend you include the word "Refund or Return" in the subject line.

I just got the wristband, and it's uncomfortable, is this normal?

For some people yes. The material is quite durable and sometimes needs to be broken in. In our experiences, adjust the tightness and wear it for a few days and see if it's still uncomfortable you can request a refund. There's a 30 day window to request a refund for any reason.

Is the App on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store?

Currently, the NexHUB app is only available on the Google Play Store, but the iOS version will be available in March 2021. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom right to hear from us when we do.

Should I always be wearing the wristband?

Only you can answer that question since everyone's situation and level of risk is different. At Nexus Health we wear our wristbands any time we leave our homes.

I don't like how the NexID wristband looks, are there other options?

Not at this time. Our goal is to offer only a few different minimalist stles. If you'd like a specific style, please let us know in the contact page.

What is your shipping policy?

Half of the shipping cost is covered by Nexus Health, and the customer covers the other half. We love having free shipping when we're buying items online, but we had to confront the reality that we can't afford free shipping as a startup. We hope you understand and we'd like to thank those who have accepted the additional costs and support us still. The exact cost of shipping is calculated at checkout.